Ok this is really crudely done but I don’t want the heights and such to rule over everything that people get frustrated over getting it perfect. 

IDK about imperial system… but 180cm should be 6 foot I believe.

The red string is one long red thread. Hands don’t necessarily have to be visible as one can just assume the location of the strings whereabouts…? Unless your character intends to do something particular with the thread (be tangled in it, lacing it in a certain way) it maybe be easier for the connections of the thread after all the pieces are compiled together. That being said if you choose to draw the thread yourself I’ll just have to figure out a way to edit the connections. Honestly though idk how well this would work out, perhaps giving me 2 files, one with thread and without would work…

To make it so its not just a mish mash of characters stand idly next to each other, you have the option of collabing on your own with other ask blogs so characters are able to touch and interact with eachother |D. For this you will need to remember that the thread exists and how it will flow.

Randomly set characters who do not have preferences on character location will be put anywhere that fits. 

Please draw a thigh up to waist up of your character(s) (if you are a multiple character askblog feel free to draw all all one of them) one white or transparent background.  Ideally you will not select jpg as your output file type as it compresses and does not save the quality cleanly. The height of the canvas is 750px. The width would preferably be just enough to cover the character to minimise the end size of the entire canvas.

Ideas for this could be kissy faces at the edge of the canvas, tugging at the string from your neighbour etc.

Reply, answer or reblog this post with:

1) You want to participate.
2) Who are plan to draw with if this is applicable or if you prefer to be randomly set next to a certain character.

Sign up for this goes on for pretty sure until I finish compilation since i can just add your character in on the edges or something! That being said it would be advised to have all by 22 July thus giving you a full month for everyone to sign up, collab, draw and such.